How To Register Digital Nigeria Portal And Mobile App And Get Certificate


Communications Minister Sheikh Pantami Launches New Website and Application To Teach Nigerians Modern Crafts

Communications Minister Sheikh Isa Ali Pantami has launched a new website and mobile software for Nigerians to teach them modern skills, titled "Digital Nigeria Portal And Mobile App".

This is a system where Nigerians can learn various modern professions and get jobs easily, and is designed so that everyone can learn on their own through video and text, the system is very important for the few In Nigeria, anyone who completes training at any level will be awarded a Certificate.

There are three systems involved 

1. Digital Nigeria 

2. NITDA Academy 

3. IBM Digital For Africa

Under the DIGITAL NIGERIA system, there are many systems, from learning how to work with a computer, how to access information online, how to provide and disseminate information online, how to protect yourself from the evils of the few. fraud on the Internet, how to create something or software, the Computer and other major computer related activities.

The NITDA ACADEMY, has three systems including;

1. SDAs Training

2. Students Training

3. Generall Training

IBM DIGITAL FOR AFRICA, a US-based software development program in Africa.

Each process is very important, and will be awarded to anyone who completes the Certificate after completing the training.

For anyone who needs to log in to the system can go in to this web address to register


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