NYIF disbursement continue

 The Nigerian youth investment fund NYIF has continue payment to people those that get approved message. 


As some knew that Nigerian youth investment fund NYIF is program design to support youth in their business or startup business means even if you want to start a business this program is for you 

It can help you with money 🤑🤑🤑💰💰💰 to support you to start a business and before that it will trained you for business. 

If you can remember Nigerian youth investment fund NYIF has shortlisted 10,000 people for this program, the PDF list go viral on social media 

But unfortunately this payment is only for the people how saw their names on that PDF list even if your name is not there you can get it if you're lucky. 

Some have their names on the list they don't get any payment Up to now 


As i said even if you're not on that PDF list you can get the loan. For you to get this loan you must received shortlisted message through your email address and the that you have to open account with 

Is not the account you submitted on NYIF portal that you will received money with no NYIF have their bank that use to work with like NPF microfinance bank and Lapo microfinance bank etc they will select the one for you.

You will get the message through your email address with the bank name and how to open account with the bank that selected for you. 

When you done just wait for your money into that account you open not the old one. Some time it can take a week or more than that.  

If you wish you can still visit the NYIF portal to check your profile. https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng then login with your details. 

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