Cavid19 Rapid response register RRR disbursement continue 30k

 Rapid response register RRR disbursement continue today Monday. Ministry of humanitarian 


Covid-19 rapid response register is a grant provided by Nigerian government, world bank and Nassco to those that affected by covid 19 pandemic. 

The ministry of humanitarian on the leadership of hon sadiya faruq

As some knew or get the grant few months ago this grant is actually five thousand naira far month for six months  

But some got thirty thousand naira at once means for alla the six months. Five thousand multiply by six = thirty thousand naira for the complete six months

How to know if you get this grant of covid-19 rapid response register is when you first apply the grant using USSD code provided for your local are ward and you get called from them to go and capture your data 

But when you don't get any call from them you have patiently wait for them to call you and collect your data 

Kindly check your account balance or sms messages inbox to see if you the alert or keep waiting as the disbursement continue today. 

Or visit your bank to check your account balance to see whether you get the grant if you get it you will see the alat of 30 thirty thousand naira in your account balance then check the sender details if its from nassco congratulations my brother/sister you got this grant then withdraw your money and enjoy

Thank you all 

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