How to check NG-CARES shortlist

 NG-CARES has started sending message to those who get shortlisted for the next step of the program 


NG-CARES program is program by federal government and others organisation for supporting Nigerians in they business and daily life 

How to check if you get shortlisted 

Sometime they sent a message if you get shortlisted with the link to complete the application. 

If you don't received a message and you want to check Click the link here select your state you must select the one you used during the form submission 

Afert selecting the state and proceed click on the program you select during the registration and click get VETTED as you will see in the photo below

You will need to enter your phone number to check if you're nominated by your state coordinator

If you get shortlisted the form will display to you. Fill the form with your correct information and submit it wait for the next procedure. 

That's all. 

You can join our telegram channel for more or any questions.

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