Nirsal microfinance Bank has started debiting

 Nirsal microfinance Bank has just started debiting people for their loan but some its not Nirsal microfinance Bank 

If you know you collected Nirsal microfinance Bank loan in years back you have to nirsal has started debiting their money ooo 

If you could remember nirsal has opened an account to each and everyone that collected the loan for repayment what you need to do is just check out your repayment schedule and start depositing money in that account but if you refuse to do that Nirsal microfinance Bank has started debiting people any how weather you're ready or not your money or not as far as u received money in your personal account Nirsal microfinance Bank will Debit you 

But still some people its not Nirsal since the Nirsal microfinance Bank has not officially announced that so they said maybe its other loan app like palmpay fairmoney etc GCI system i think, so if you know you borrow money from those loans app you have to pay or be ready to be debited anytime anywhere in anyway it can be possible


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