Payment for GEEP 2.0 has commenced

 The payment for GEEP Traider monie farmer monie and market monie has released to the beneficiaries 

GEEP Traider monie farmer monie da market monie

About GEEP 2.0 

The GEEP program that is Government Enterprise and Empowerment Program has been launched since 2016, the year two thousand and sixteen, which will give you the opportunity to receive credit without anyone standing, that is, guarantee and there is no interest in it. 

1. Traider monie 10k 

2. Market monie 50k 

3. Farmer moni 250k 

If you really know that you have applied for any of this program especially Market monie and farmer monie kindly check your phone because may be if your request is approved you will receive a SMS message From access bank one for account opening and the other one is Approval message

When you saw this message just relax and pray because the final steps left for you is disbursement you will receive your 50k in that account open by access bank

If you don't have an account with Access bank 🏦🏦🏦🏧 don't worry because they will use information submitted during registration to open that account for you free of charge

Thank you all 

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